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Dining Room Update // The difference a light bright marble table can make

Serena Lilly riviera chair marble dining table mobilia

Meet our new MARBLE dining table!!! And yes, it’s been my dream furniture item for over a decade. The Carlyle M. from Mobilia was exactly what I was looking for. By trading out the dark wood of our last table the room looks so much bigger! And it’s almost the exact same footprint in the room. It’s dramatic what a light coloured table can do. I love that mid century modern feel of the 1960’s with the tulip base. The glossy Carrara marble top is wipeable and so far very family friendly. I’m so happy with how our space turned out. 

Disclaimer: Mobilia gifted the dining table to us but did not pay for this post or others. My thoughts and opinions are my own.

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The Perfect Family Friendly Leather Sectional

We’ve wanted a brown leather sectional for about 6 years. The wait until both of our kids were out of that messy baby / toddler phase has been a journey. With that said, they are still kids so we searched for a family friendly leather option. Welcome the NEAL from Mobilia. We love the darker brown tone that will hopefully age and aide in covering life as a family. The plush leather pillows zip into place to help maintain that structure and look with our fort making children around. The contrasting stitching is easily one of my favourite details of this sectional. We really wanted a sturdy sectional that could withstand true family usage. Thanks to its solid wood structure, it’s guaranteed to beautify our room for years to come. Love the feel of comfort in this space and this sectional definitely adds that classic style we love.

Thank you to Mobilia for partnering with us this family room refresh.

Disclaimer: The sectional was provided for free from Mobilia. Mobilia did not pay for this post, my thoughts and opinions remain my own .
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My Kinley Tunic from Plenty is here! #Sponsored

sweater tunic mock neck
The day has finally come, my handpicked Kinley tunic from Plenty launches today! I’m over the moon to be included in this exclusive collaboration with one of my favourite Canadian stores. I own 5 different Kinley sweaters and wear them on repeat. I wanted to choose a neutral that could easily transition from every season. I hope you love it as much as I do!

Every piece of clothing styled with my Kinley is from Plenty as well. (except my footwear) My unique discount code for 10% off your entire order is Kira10. It is active until the end of this month.

Happy shopping.
sweater mock 
neck tunic
plaid shacket coat

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored and paid by Plenty but my thoughts remain my own.

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Parenting || A Hidden Danger: Lithium Coin Batteries #AD

When my two children became mobile I went to great lengths to keep my home safe for them. We installed baby gates, baby monitors, locks on cabinets and door alarms. I taped up television remotes and stored them out of reach. Padded the sharp corners of our furniture. But devices like ear thermometers, calculators, car key fobs and bathroom weight scales can also contain a hidden danger…a battery so small that a child can easily swallow in mere seconds. As the number of products that require Lithium Coin batteries rises, so too does their potential hazard to young children. Every year, hundreds of lithium coin batteries are accidentally ingested, and many of the ingestions are by children under 6. If a child swallows a lithium coin battery, it can get lodged in the esophagus and burn through the surrounding tissue in as little as 2 hours, causing serious damage.  

With the holiday season approaching there may be more objects in my home powered by lithium coin batteries such as Christmas tree remotes, string lights, holiday ornaments, greeting cards with sound and of course certain toys that my kids might be given as a gift. London Drugs is now carrying the newest innovation in lithium coin battery safety. As the #1 trusted battery brand, Duracell provides more safety features than any other leading brand on their 20mm lithium coin batteries. Here are the two new changes you need to know as a parent: 

1) Duracell Lithium Coin batteries (sizes 2032, 2025, and 2016) now contain a non-toxic, bitter coating designed to help discourage swallowing. This bitter coating is applied to these battery sizes which have a diameter of 20mm, which is similar to the size of a child’s esophagus. 

2) Duracell also features child-secure packaging which makes it nearly impossible to open without scissors. 

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Holiday Traditions || Our Lemax Christmas Village for 2020

One of my fondest memories from Christmases past is setting up a Lemax Christmas village with my Grandma. She had a skating rink, little shops, a church and carollers. I remember the magic I felt setting it up and sitting in the dark while she clicked on the lights. We’d share hot chocolate and discuss what all the little people were up to that holiday season. It’s one of the strongest memories I have of her and even to this day these memories fill me with joy. My eyes filled with happy tears as I wrote this. I miss her.

Two years after her passing I decided to start this holiday tradition with my family. The first year we picked out a few houses, set them up with the kids and shared holiday treats that evening. The kids loved it and so did I. Fast forward a few years, and we are still carrying on this tradition. Now that the kids are older they love to be involved with the pieces we add each year. Picking something new and reminiscing about previous year’s favourites is totally part of the fun. I can’t wait to show you our set up for this year.

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