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Retinol || Everything You Need to Know About This Beauty Game Changer

When Olay approached me to test the new Retinol24 line over the next month I was so excited to jump at the opportunity to transform my skin! I’m going to share EVERYTHING with you.Before and after photos… close up with no makeup on. I know for myself, I can get a bit frustrated when I only see ads for skincare that are edited, photoshopped or the model is wearing skin makeup! I want to see the skin, am I right? With that said, I’m both excited and nervous to bare it all. So please come back in about a month to see my results, for now let’s chat all things Retinol and answers you may want to know before starting your own skin transformation.

What is retinol? Actually, retinol is a form of Vitamin A – there are many other forms which are collectively named retinoids. They can brighten and smooth skin while fading signs of damage, like scars, sunspots and wrinkles. Many retinol products can be irritating, causing redness, flaking, dryness and sensitive skin – the opposite of a new-skin glow. Don’t. Panic. This might mean the retinol level is too high, you’ve been given the wrong type of retinol for your skin type and concern, or the formula was not optimized for daily use. In the past, I’ve used a pricey high % retinol product and had just that: so much irritation. I quit it and definitely was a bit apprehensive about using it again.

How does retinol works? It works by encouraging your skin cells to turn over faster than they would normally, making way for new (and improved) skin. Basically it’s like spring cleaning for your skin: out with the old and in with the new. I was almost shocked in my first week how much dry dull skin came off!

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#OneRoomChallenge || How We Transformed Our Main Floor Bathroom Into a Palm Springs Inspired Oasis with @Wayfair #AD

We are so excited to finally share this space with you. And with everyone’s extra time at home maybe it’ll inspire you to tackle a home project too! First off, I know what you may be thinking my “before” photos don’t look that bad. When we first moved into this home, we quickly updated this bathroom from it’s previous 90’s glory. (See one image of what this space looked like when we first moved in) We had tons of other projects on the go with the house and we just needed this space to function quickly. We learned ALOT from this bathroom’s first minor facelift. What you can’t see are those tiny dots on the wall are covering up holes and imperfections throughout the room. The white floor that was beyond stained, even a professional cleaner couldn’t figure it out how to clean that tile. The floor tile was like a dirty white golf ball with tiny divots and never meant to be installed on the ground. And on top pf it, a sink that wouldn’t drain within only a few months of installing it! Did I mention this is our main floor bathroom, the one all our guests see and use? So when Wayfair and Kohler asked if we would partner with them to renovate this space, we were so excited for the opportunity to get some design choices right this time. Welcome to our new powder room with a Palm Springs vibe! 

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Before After bathroom renovation Green walls pink coral tiles wood accents. Leopard rug. kohler gold facet. Sherwin Williams Hunts Club green paint

Before After bathroom renovation Green walls pink coral tiles wood accents. Leopard rug. kohler gold facet. Sherwin Williams Hunts Club Paint
Bathroom when we first moved into this house
Before After bathroom renovation Green walls pink coral tiles wood accents. Leopard rug. kohler gold facet

The lighting is dimmer than you would see in a full bath. Because this room is a powder room only and will not be a bathroom we use to get ready we didn’t need to install bright task lighting. I love the moody dramatic feel this level of light gives to the space. Enough for lipstick touch ups in the mirror but not blinding when standing at the vanity.

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Family Cooking Time

If you’ve followed our family over the years you know that locally sourcing products has been a goal of ours. I love to support Canadian companies as much as possible. Naturally when Janes reached out to partner we were so excited to share a product we’ve been buying for years. Janes produces high quality fish and chicken that we use to make quick and easy meals. Our weekly go-to is a crispy chicken caesar salad. The kids LOVE this meal and I love the simple quality ingredients that go into it. Plus it takes under 25 minutes. Mom score!

Here’s our quick and simple recipe to help you take back your time in the kitchen, so you can have more time with those that matter most:

Crispy Chicken Caesar Salad: (4 servings) 

1/2 box of Janes Pub Style Chicken Nuggets (I found mine in my local grocers frozen food section)

1 small box Mixed Organic Greens of choice

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This Family Day Long Week… #yeg

With Family Day fast approaching I’m so excited to share a family favourite meal with you! We definitely find the winter hectic in our household. Between school, soccer, skiing lessons and my husband’s shift work it can be hard to meal plan something healthy and delicious every single day. Luckily we’ve been LOVING Panda Express, it’s well-balanced, fast and affordable meals that my whole family loves. We can each customize our plate options so even my pickiest eater happy (IE my husband 😂). It’s the best of both “woks!” 

If you were looking to try it as a family, this Family Day kids eat free with any bowl or plate purchase! Panda Express has crave-worthy meals made with quality ingredients, fresh vegetables, at least 8g of protein, and only 300 calories or less. Just look for the Wok Smart logo when ordering. My kids love the grilled vegetables and the new honey chicken. 

Here are three Edmonton locations offering the kids eat free promotion for the Family Day:

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Simple Holiday Gift and Traditions with @Duracell and @LondonDrugs

A few years back we decided as a family to tone down the excessive gift giving and try to focus on traditions that create quality time together. With that said, yes there are still gift giving moments included in the way we celebrate the holidays. But there just isn’t the same level of stress we experienced in the past. This year I’m so excited to partner with Duracell and London Drugs to share how we make lasting memories that don’t break the bank. 

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