The Perfect Family Friendly Leather Sectional

We’ve wanted a brown leather sectional for about 6 years. The wait until both of our kids were out of that messy baby / toddler phase has been a journey. With that said, they are still kids so we searched for a family friendly leather option. Welcome the NEAL from Mobilia. We love the darker brown tone that will hopefully age and aide in covering life as a family. The plush leather pillows zip into place to help maintain that structure and look with our fort making children around. The contrasting stitching is easily one of my favourite details of this sectional. We really wanted a sturdy sectional that could withstand true family usage. Thanks to its solid wood structure, it’s guaranteed to beautify our room for years to come. Love the feel of comfort in this space and this sectional definitely adds that classic style we love.

Thank you to Mobilia for partnering with us this family room refresh.

Disclaimer: The sectional was provided for free from Mobilia. Mobilia did not pay for this post, my thoughts and opinions remain my own .