Holiday Traditions || Our Lemax Christmas Village for 2020

One of my fondest memories from Christmases past is setting up a Lemax Christmas village with my Grandma. She had a skating rink, little shops, a church and carollers. I remember the magic I felt setting it up and sitting in the dark while she clicked on the lights. We’d share hot chocolate and discuss what all the little people were up to that holiday season. It’s one of the strongest memories I have of her and even to this day these memories fill me with joy. My eyes filled with happy tears as I wrote this. I miss her.

Two years after her passing I decided to start this holiday tradition with my family. The first year we picked out a few houses, set them up with the kids and shared holiday treats that evening. The kids loved it and so did I. Fast forward a few years, and we are still carrying on this tradition. Now that the kids are older they love to be involved with the pieces we add each year. Picking something new and reminiscing about previous year’s favourites is totally part of the fun. I can’t wait to show you our set up for this year.

The biggest question I get on Instagram whenever I share our village is: where do we buy Lemax pieces? There are several retailers available, for an in-person selection experience we’ve visited our local Micheal’s location or when in Banff we visit Spirit of Christmas on their main street. Online there are several, here are the few we’ve ordered from in the past: Christmas Village, Christmas Village Shop, and Village de Noel. For a full list of authorized dealers please check out the official Lemax website HERE.

I hope this holiday tradition of ours inspires you to add something your family will remember for years to come. Happy holidays!

Disclaimer: Lemax gifted several pieces this season but my thoughts, opinions, and original collection remain my own.

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