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Lifestyle || Tablet Wars || Parenting Tip

The “tablet time battle” is real. I honestly have a love/hate relationship with connected devices both in my life and my family‚Äôs life. Like most parents, I am very aware of the potential negative effects of too much screen time on childhood brain development.

Our kids received tablets for Christmas this past year, and while they have LOVED that gift, it has always brought with it some battles in the parenting department. Before I had kids I thought I would NEVER let them go on tablets. In my previous career as a Rec Therapist before becoming a blogger, I saw firsthand the negative effects of excessive gaming and internet bullying had on my teenage clients. The bullying followed teens everywhere and home was no exception because of the internet.

Fast forward a decade, I have kids and the tech world has exploded even more! I quickly realized technology is going to be in their lives via screens but, as a parent, I can hopefully guide them towards a healthy usage lifestyle. I’m so excited to partner with Shaw yet again to add a powerful tool to my parental toolbox.

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