Simple Holiday Gift and Traditions with @Duracell and @LondonDrugs

A few years back we decided as a family to tone down the excessive gift giving and try to focus on traditions that create quality time together. With that said, yes there are still gift giving moments included in the way we celebrate the holidays. But there just isn’t the same level of stress we experienced in the past. This year I’m so excited to partner with Duracell and London Drugs to share how we make lasting memories that don’t break the bank. 

For the last 5 years we have decorated using the-ever-so-popular wire twinkle lights in our home. I LOVE the magical twinkle but I wasn’t loving turning them on each night and replacing the batteries throughout the month of December. So, I bought a timer for my wire lights to turn on every evening this whole holiday season. No more manual turn on each evening, monitoring the amount of time I leave them on and I’m not going through the house changing our batteries this holiday season. The second thing I did was to switch to the all new Duracell Optimum batteries which you can purchase from London Drugs. Optimum are Duracell’s highest energy disposable batteries which can deliver extra life in some devices or extra power in others vs. Coppertop. I found that, our twinkle lights last way longer with Duracell Optimum so I don’t have to change them as often as before.

While we have a focus on family traditions like getting out in the snow, decorating together and enjoying the festive decor in the house, we still choose a few gifts for the kids… alright and us too! The majority of battery-operated toys out there do not come with the batteries needed to power them. Over the years, we started giving a pack of batteries with any toy we gift so the recipient can play right away! Let me tell you giving the gift of Duracell Optimum with a battery powered toy will most definitely get you on the nice list. And in the parent’s good books too! These batteries are packaged in a new slider pack with a resealable storage tray that provides a more organized way to store your batteries in your home. We keep several packs on hand so whether we are giving a gift or have an old favourite toy emergency in the house, we are ready.

Duracell Optimum AA and AAA batteries are available at London Drugs.

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Duracell