Teddy Coat || A cozy look

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I know you’re probably sick of seeing the snow on my style posts but it’s my reality. Spring comes late to most Canadians, so I’m embracing the chilly and still styling my fav winter pieces. The one thing I will say is a positive, everything winter is on final clearance. I snagged this Teddy coat from H&M for $30! Now that’s a deal. I never like to spend too much on a trendy piece like this. Are you embracing spring? Or are you still frozen in fashion?


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Jeans: Gap || Bag: Burberry || Shoes: Skyye || Sweater: Gap || Hat: Abercrombie

One thought on “Teddy Coat || A cozy look

  1. Sarah

    Yup. Still living that winter life. Ugh:) I live in the Yukon so winter lasts even longer! Also, your house is the cutest!

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