Home Decor || How to Style Sidetables 2 Ways || With @TheBrick #AD

Ever since our master bedroom reveal with this amazing The Berlin bed, so many of you have asked how we style our side tables. Honestly, I love to style side tables for bedrooms and end tables for living rooms simply because there are so many options. It’s the kind of design element you can change often, work in seasonal pieces and really have fun. See our International Lux Accent Table from The Brick styled two ways below.

The first way I like to style an side table is what I called the “Symmetric” Approach. Find a larger functional item like a lamp or a fan. Like this¬†Tyler Lamp from The Brick in the centre of the side table. Depending how much much surface area you have add style items centrally to the table. I like stacks of books, candles, and cute smaller alarm clocks.

IMG_0119_Facetune_06.11.2017-13:23:24 IMG_0120_Facetune_06.11.2017-13:21:24 IMG_0121_Facetune_06.11.2017-13:20:20 IMG_0125_Facetune_06.11.2017-13:16:26

The next style approach is basically the opposite, it’s an Asymmetric Approach to placing your items. Simply pick one side of the table for your larger dominant item like this lamp and stack styled accents from there. I love this large glass jar I found in store at The Brick. I use them throughout the house to add a pop of shiny colour.

IMG_0111_Facetune_06.11.2017-13:28:09IMG_0109_Facetune_06.11.2017-13:30:12IMG_0105_Facetune_06.11.2017-13:31:36Disclaimer: This post was paid by The Brick but my thoughts and opinions are my own.