Winter Walks & New Glasses || A Chilly Weather Personal Style Post

NS-105NS-124NS-109Duffle Toggle Coat: J.Crew Collection || Jeans: Abercrombie || Shirt: Abercrombie

Sweater: Abercrombie || Boots: EMU || Watch: Daniel Wellington || Glasses: Bonlook NS-84 NS-85

In the last month, I’ve been asked about the 4 pairs of glasses I’ve been wearing on the regular… so I thought I would link up my first pair. These stunning retro glasses in clear and grey are by Bonlook. Completely adorable with prescription and ever so stylish. I love that they have a virtual try on tool to see how they would look on you before ordering.

NS-86 NS-88 NS-89  Photos by: B.Grace Creatives for Northern Style Exposure NS-91 NS-92 NS-93 NS-94 NS-95 NS-96 NS-97 NS-98 NS-99 NS-100 NS-101 NS-102 NS-103 NS-104 NS-105 NS-106 NS-107 NS-108 NS-109 NS-110 NS-112 NS-113 NS-115 NS-116 NS-117 NS-118 NS-119 NS-120 NS-121 NS-122 NS-123 NS-124 NS-128 NS-129 NS-130 NS-131 NS-132 NS-133 NS-134 NS-135 NS-136 NS-137 NS-138 NS-140 NS-141 NS-142 NS-143 NS-144 NS-145 NS-146