New Age Road Trips || How times have changed…

Lincoln continental 2018 review banff canmore lifestyle blogger family road trip tips tricks ideas I love a good old fashioned family road trip. Snacks, great music and incredible scenery. Growing up the majority of our vacations were on the road as opposed to in the air. Let’s face it, it’s a far more affordable option for tons of families. The one thing that isn’t the same from my childhood mini vacations are the luxury features available in some motor vehicles nowadays. We had the pleasure of partnering with Lincoln on a weekend trip to the mountains. Here are some of my favourite aspects of The 2018 Lincoln Continental that make long road trips as a family that much easier:

Sync 3 is a voice activated feature that can easily control your phone. For us, we loved pressing a button, asking for great restaurants in the area and getting a response in seconds. It was like having a little tour guide in the car with us, perfect for a road trip when you’re not familiar with the town or city you are taking a pitstop in.

Lincoln continental 2018 review banff canmore lifestyle blogger family road trip tips tricks ideas

Head-Up Display, our speed was displayed right on the windshield. No need to take our eyes off the road, and it even listed the speed limit! This feature was incredible for me when making difficult drives on mountain roads. When I had cruise control on, I could even display that data right in front of me. Can’t say enough about this feature!


Rear Seat Amenities Package, this feature was great for long trips. A far cry from my childhood road trip. The back seat had the same comfort features as the front! Massaging seats, dual climate control and heat to name a few of our favourites. These features make a long road trip a pleasure to say the least.

By no means am I a car expert, so head on over to the Lincoln Canada site to read and do the research on the Continental yourself. There are tons of features I haven’t listed.

Disclaimer: Lincoln did not pay for this post but a car was provided for this trip for test driving purposes.