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New Year, New Rug || @TheBrick #sponsor

I love a good rug! It’s crazy how much of a style impact a rug can make to a room. We had an unfortunately family related accident happen to our last rug. Let’s just say, little kids and juice can be a white rug killer. But it did last us almost a whole calendar year, which is pretty good for a high traffic area like the living room with two babies and a large dog. I knew I wanted to keep the rug light in colour for the replacement because the white opens up the space making it airy. We finally made the decision to go with this incredible Sparkle Shag Area Rug. It’s so soft, cozy and glamorous with that touch of sparkle. It’s the perfect addition to our space.534E81A4-F924-4BDD-B0B6-CFFC411DB8C62824CCFE-63E7-4EDB-B148-F065CC116D158ADF6826-4090-450F-9D8C-7C5E5B6B1217C10C4C7F-1284-4EAD-AD5B-D2399E21037B694583A3-BCED-4BD7-81F3-7C7F02B1A8B52DA16F51-853B-4AA5-9C3E-15476FF0C89D1CCCE485-9A43-4657-B8DD-D9FD6ADD7FFB01A41FB6-D530-4C2E-9EDD-B68059D06DD9

Is a white rug to crazy of a style choice for you? This Sparkle Shag Area Rug comes in 3 other colours! Check it out.

Cabinet || Sectional EA130196-D9BF-4C7F-9EB0-3D22DFD1CDDF

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