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Summer is officially in full swing and you know what that means… it’s BBQ season! Next time you’re hosting guests definitely think about investing in a quality Barbecue. Look for key features like: temperature gauge, large surface grilling area and quick easy flame starters. We love to entertain outdoors so when I saw the Park Terrace 7 piece dining set I had to have it. The large table is perfect for hosting our Sunday family dinner and the glass top is easily cleaned in seconds.

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We took our grill game this year to the next level with a Himalayan salt stone. We can use it directly on the surface of the barbecue we found at The Brick. I know I was a bit intimated by these stones when I’ve seen them in cooking magazines and culinary chef shows. But now that we’ve started using them I know how easy and how amazing they season whatever you’re cooking. Here are my easy tips for achieving restaurant quality meals at home with your grill:

1) SLOWLY heat stone! This is key for the longevity of your salt stone. I put mine directly onto my grill, set heat to the lowest setting. I let it slowly heat for 15 minutes at a minimal. Then you can up the heat and start grilling! If you start on high heat you may crack your stone. At home hack: don’t have a grill? I use this stone in my GE range oven too. 

2) The longer the food stays, the more seasoned it will become. We usual do our steaks 2 minutes per side on the salt stone, then transfer to the grill fast minute to get those crispy black grill marks.

3) It’s not just for meat! We anything from steaks, to mushrooms to lettuce hearts for salads. Seafood too!

4) Clean up is easy and fast. Don’t use soap but instead lightly rinse with water, scrap any big bits off and pat dry. Easy as that!

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Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by The Brick but my thoughts and opinions are my own.