Summer Loving

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Palm Leaf Tropical Print Biniki: Target (I like this one too) || Scalloped Edge Short: Body Glove c/o Swim Co (I love this option too) || Great Smelling Spray Sunscreen: Bath and Body Works || Sunglasses: Super || Palm Tree Bag and Redan Bags: Bath and Body Works || Lotion and Exfoliator Wash: Victoria’s Secret || Sandals: Sanuk c/o Swim Co || Hat: J.Crew

With the first day of summer fast approaching, I’ll admit I have fun in the sun on my mind. I wanted to share with you a few items I picked up online from Swim Co and on my recent trip to the mall. Whether it be a shopping trip or at home in your pyjamas, I hope you find these suggestions helpful in your hunt for the perfect beach day attire.

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