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I recently had the pleasure of attending the launch of the first customizable skincare brand for the Canadian market, Blend & Boost, at Dr. Neeraj Bector’s aesthetic clinic in Edmonton at West Edmonton Mall. (780-444-1935)

Medisca is a leader in the compounding industry and they decided to apply thier knowledge of customized medication to the cosmetic world. The line is comprised of 5 bases and 13 Boosters, each with proprietary properties, that can be mix and matched by a pharmacist to create a tailor made cosmetic cream. If you aren’t a math whiz, that is over 87 tested combinations! The boosters target everything from anti-aging, to moisturization, to sensitive skin and oily skin, and because the boosters can be mixed and matched, you receive a product that does it all.

This line is available exclusively to physicians and how it essentially works is that after visiting your skincare specialist, they recommend a specific blend of ingredients tailored to your unique skin needs, and a pharmacist creates your personalized product, because when it comes to skincare, one size does not fit all!

I was one of the lucky ones that was chosen to have a live demo of an in-depth skin analysis using the VISIA®. It was a bit daunting having my skin assessed on a big screen in front of a packed room of people I didn’t know but I’ve always wanted to get those photos done in order to see what is going on with my skin beneath the surface. This machine even counts wrinkles… yes COUNTS every single one. But luckily for me, compared to my age group I am ahead of the game in that department.

Now for my not so positive results… It was such an eye opening experience for me, my trouble areas were almost all beneath the skins surface. I have a lot of sun damage, it was shocking, I was only better then 20% of people within my age group. You gotta bet I am re-evaluating my sunscreen routine now. And my pores need some HELP! in a big way, I was only better then 26% of people my age. My final area, (I kinda knew was coming) was redness. It’s why I almost always wear either a tinted moisturizer, or a sheer foundation to try to neutralize my skin’s redness/ inflammation.

I’m so excited to have a cream that is tailored to my three trouble areas. If you are any thing like me it’s hard enough to find the time to put on a few products, let alone a whole bunch that are only dealing with one issue at a time. I’m hoping this cream will streamline my daily routine and cut down on the multiply products I have to purchase.


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