Back To School || How my little guy didn’t quite make it… Let’s Get Personal || #YEG #YEGmom

I struggled today watching the IG stories of other mom’s sending off their little one’s to the first day of school because today Alastair didn’t go… It’s not that he didn’t want to, or that we didn’t register him or didn’t prepare him for the big independence day. Today I got told the Community League of Newton in Edmonton would be dissolving their preschool program, leaving me high and dry. I think what frustrates me the most, the fact that there was no forewarning and they waited this long to announce the news. Yes folks, I just got to hear his program wouldn’t be running on the day he should have been starting. It’s not that there are not enough kids registered either. Apparently, it comes down to “staffing” issues.

Now I know some of you are rolling your eyes right now. It’s just preschool right? Wrong! For me, working on this blog from home Alastair hasn’t been to daycare. He hasn’t formed many little kid relationships. Nor has he had the opportunity to get learning ready, have structured time, or get to experience group activities. I’m devastated. I tried to do everything in my power. Registered him the moment that began in March of this year, paid his deposit, started having conversations preparing him for his new classroom. Just to have it cancelled on it’s start date when almost all our local programs are full or stopped taking registrations months ago is brutal.

I haven’t had the heart to tell him yet… instead we lined up his new clothes and shoes from West Coast Kids. Gabbed about how great it’s going to be… and told him, “that Mommy was wrong about the start day…” For now, I’m going to live that little white lie while I hustle for him to try my best to fix this. So like most moms, today was a teary one. It just wasn’t for the reasons I thought it was going to be. Instead I had a good cry in private because I let him down and I got to see that excitement fade in his eyes when I told him we were’t going today.


I was going to tell you all about all the sweet shoes he found. Take first day photos and do a little Q&A with him. I thought about not sharing this, since I feel so defeated. Like I let him down. But it’s real and sometimes we all need a little real life in the blogging world too. Because it isn’t always rainbows and butterflies… sometimes it just plain sucks.


So you know where to find me this next week; calling, emailing and driving around trying to convince one of his local programs to bend the rules and let him learn. Today adults let him down, so I’m going to do some hard adulting and get what he deserves. This momma is going to try to make it right.

7 thoughts on “Back To School || How my little guy didn’t quite make it… Let’s Get Personal || #YEG #YEGmom

  1. Danielle

    Oh I am so sorry. How devestating! I’m so sorry this happened. You can’t blame yourself, though. You did everything right! I genuinely believe that kids his age are so resilient that he’ll catch up quickly once you find him a new spot- he WILL make friends and have those social interactions. Fingers crossed for you!

  2. Kristi

    Oh no! How very disappointing! And SO unfair!!! I hope you can pull a rabbit out of your hat mama – wishing you all the luck in the world!

  3. nicolthepickle

    You must be so frustrated. I can imagine how annoyed I’d be.
    Enjoy having your kidlet around for just a little longer.

  4. The_sosew_mom

    Arg! I am so sorry this happened to you guys! And I can’t believe how unprofessional they have been about the whole situation. I know it seems like, “when it rains, it pours” right now but the rain will stop and a rainbow will come ❤️ You will find something for him I’m certain!

  5. Jamie

    Sorry to hear that 🙁 my son is off to kindergarten this week and he just finished 4 1/2 years at Kids&Co downtown. We loved our experience there and I know they are still taking registration for preschool. It’s a little steep price wise but for us it was well worth it because of all the preparation that was done in the classroom.

  6. Jane

    I remember looking for daycare when my daughter was 6 months old and being mommy shammed by the coordinator when she pointed at a couple who was getting their name on the list when they just got engaged.

    You did everything right. You got him signed up and all prepared. Nothing you did caused this so don’t feel like you let him down. I am sure that one of the programs will find an accommodation, or the staff to take on the extra kids. Because I am sure you are not the only mom freaking out right now because that was so unprofessional to just close the preschool on opening day. I can’t even.

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