Top 6 INVISIBLE Dry Shampoos || because who wants white residue? #beauty

C426483D-D864-49A2-804A-946B3A35DFA5This beauty post is a long time coming. I love dry shampoo, not only because I’m a busy mom but it is a time saver for everyone. But I have a confession to make… I quit Dry Shampoo a year ago! Why? Because I was sick and tired of the white residue. There were a few on the market that were designed for darker haired individuals like myself. Then the residue to be brown but it was still residue! It looked gross in my hair and left it feeling grimy/dry/ brittle to the touch. And if I used the basic white residue dry shampoo, I looked like I was 90 years old! So dry shampoo and I parted ways…

Fast forward a year…

Luckily, brands have heard our complaints and stepped up with invisible residue free formulas we’ve been asking for! Finally I’m back on the dry shampoo train. Here are my top 6 completely invisible beauty game changers:

Julep || Oscar Blandi || IGK

Co Lab || bumble and bumble || Marc Anthony


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