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Lifestyle || Baby Gear Rant || My nursery must haves with @TheBabyCubby #partner

Nursery must haves DOCKatot Mamaroo

With the arrival of baby number two, I’ve definitely formed a few opinions along the way around the concept of baby essentials. With my first born, I had my nursery stocked and ready two months before he arrived. With baby number two, I still haven’t fully completed her nursery yet! I went with a more “reactive” approach with the new baby. I wanted to purchase items she actually needed, instead of buying what I thought she may need and in the end probably never use.

With that being said, I think there are some “must haves” for any nursery: style, functionality and durability need to be the foundation to any LO’s room. I’ve teamed up with The Baby Cubby to discuss my nursery finds before the big reveal this month. I love that The Baby Cubby team is made up of parents who have been there. They know what it’s like and they are passionate about encouraging, inspiring, and reminding parents how important their role is in every babies development.  The Cubby Community Blog discusses real parenting topics that matter, it’s worth taking a peek if you don’t follow along already.


Here is my MUST HAVE baby list:

The DockATot: I’ve gotten soooooo many questions on this particular item. I have had one long before Harper came along. I went with a “Grand” size so I could use it with my toddler and then use it again with the new baby. It is so convenient for naps on the go or just a safe place to put baby while you go to the bathroom! It’s easy to clean and light weight enough that it’s a travel must have as well.

The Crib: This is an item that will stay with you for a LONG time, so my advice go with a style you love! It’s the main furniture item in the nursery and if you’re like me, going with a 3in1 convertible bed… this piece isn’t getting changed out of the rotation any time soon. I splurged with the crib and saved with the bassinet. Most babies are only in a bassinet for 3-9 months on average, while a baby can be in a convertible bed for years! Food for thought.

The Mamaroo Motion Chair: If you saw my baby gear rant on Instagram stories a few weeks ago you know that I highly recommend and prefer the Mamaroo to any other chair system out there. My first born loved it! It was a saving grace when I needed to eat or go to the bathroom with a demanding new born. The Mamaroo bounces and sways like you do, mimicking the movements of real moms and dads while they soothed babies. I purchased one 4 years ago and it’s still going strong, unlike a recent swing I purchased for Harper. I know that a lot of people scoff at the high price tag but mine has lasted and paid for itself ten fold. And the swing I just purchased was just under the $200 mark has already broken on me after 4 months! You do the math.

The Gathre Leather Mat: I received this as a shower gift for Harper and I wish I could go back in time and have it for my diaper changing career with my first born. When they say “luxury” change pad, they mean it! This mini leather mat is stylish, wipeable, foldable and waterproof. This is perfect for a picnic, change table or for underneath the high chair to contain the mess! It is with us throughout our home and on the go.

The Ubbi Diaper Pail: Let’s start off by saying, don’t waste your money on the numerous diaper pail options out there that make you use their garbage bags!!!! It is not convenient or cost effective. That’s right folks, I can reuse my plastic bags from shopping trips in this diaper pail! Plus, it is not plastic like the competitors out there, slowly absorbing the smell and stinking over time. No one likes the smell of dirty diapers sitting in their trash, but with a the Ubbi diaper pail you’ll never have that problem again!  The Ubbi’s powder-coated steel exterior and rubber seals trap odours. Plus, I love the sleek modern design for any nursery.  Continue reading

Lifestyle || Want to #haveaball with MALTESERS ® candy? || #partner

Kira Paran Northern Style Exposure Canadian Lifestyle blogger mother Maltesers

Daily life is filled with pressures, tasks and deadlines. MALTESERS® candy wants you to look on the light side of life, take a much needed break and #HaveABall. How? Try one of the MALTESERS® Challenges throughout the year! I’m joining in the fun with The Chopstick Challenge.

What you’ll need: 

MALTESERS®, pair of chopsticks, bowl, and a plate.

 How it works: 

Fill a bowl with MALTESERS® candy, then use your chopsticks to pick them up one by one and move them to your empty plate. Race against your friends and family to see how many MALTESERS® you can move from the bowl to the plate in 30 seconds. My results were less-than-stellar, apparently I need to brush up on my chopstick skills!

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Beauty || DIY Bath Bomb || Peppermint Vanilla


Recently my little guy has gotten addicted to LUSH bath bombs… let me tell ya those things are not cheap! So instead of either letting him pamper himself out of house & home or burst his bath bomb dreams I decided to make some myself! How hard could it be to make a fizzy luxury bathing product? The answer, not hard at all and this is coming from a very craft inept person. Here’s my simple bath bomb recipe:


  1. 1 cup baking soda (Food grade, NOT washing soda)
  2. 1/2 cup citric acid
  3. 1/2 cup Epsom salts or Bath Salts (I went with my fav peppermint vanilla scent from Rocky Mountain Soap Company)
  4. 1 tsp. water
  5. 2 tsp. coconut oil
  6. 2 drops of red food colouring


peppermint vanilla bath bomb recipe DIY


Mix dry ingredients in a large mixing bowl.


Next add the coconut oil… mix lightly.


Here’s the only difficult part, adding the water. You don’t want to add it to quickly to the mixture or you will cause the fizzy bath bomb reaction. I found that it is easiest to use a spray misting bottle and spray a few times, mix with hands… spray a few times, mix with hands. Repeat this step until you get the mixture to start sticking together a little. You are not going for cake batter… more like still dry and flaky cookie dough. AGAIN DO NOT ADD TOO MUCH WATER or DO NOT ADD WATER TOO QUICKLY. You want to save the reaction for the bath later! Place two drops of red food colouring, toss once in bowl.


IMG_3946Finally, place mixture into moulds of choice. Go with what you’ve got! Cute cookie cutters, silicon cupcake trays, or just an ice cream scoop will do the trick. Press down on mixture, gently remove from mould and place on parchment paper to dry.


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Lifestyle || #FPplayday || My Event Recap… #partner

Early this year I was approached by Fisher-Price® to help spread the word on the importance of unstructured play.  A recent survey from Fisher-Price®, found that nearly all Canadian parents surveyed (90 per cent) agree overscheduling children’s activities can be overwhelming to them as well as to their children (86 per cent). Along those lines, the majority of parents (80 per cent) believe childhood today is more complicated than it should be. This concept really spoke to me as a parent and even had me reflecting on my own childhood. I was blessed to have parents that found a really great balance between free time to play and structured community based activities in my life. Looking back, this balance really had a positive impact on my ability to grow my identity, deal with stress and build self-confidence.

By giving children toys that have been designed to encourage physical, social, emotional, language, cognitive skills and imagination, a lot of what parents seek is right there on the floor.I’m so excited to partner with Fisher-Price® to encourage families to Play More! The truth is, we need to give kids time to just be kids, am I right?

Some of you may have noticed from my IG stories that I hosted a good old fashion Play Day at my home with local moms to encourage this playful concept. Below is my event recap, including my decor! But don’t feel pressured if you were to host your own Play Day with your mommy friends to go to the extremes I did. In the end, it’s all about toys, snacks, drinks, and unstructured play time! It’s that easy, share your play moments on social media with #FPPlayDay to play along.

To help you get Play Day ready I’m giving away a Fisher-Price® toy prize pack valued at approximately $375 CDN. For an entry, simply subscribe to my blog by email on the sidebar, and leave a comment telling me your fav Fisher-Price® toy!

And be sure to check back on the blog as I’ll be sharing tips to get your little ones playing, new product news and more exciting toys and gear throughout the year.

Closes this Sunday at 11pm MST. No cash value. For more ways to enterry head to my Instagram account and look for one of these photos for all the info.

mini me style gap jeans fisher price stack toy Alastair playing with the Fisher-Price® Rock ‘a Stack

IMG_0531IMG_0530IMG_0526donut doughnut cookies with mini milk watermelon heart food kabob DIY recipe donut doughnut cookies with mini milk IMG_4589Facetune Continue reading