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Home || My Sit Up Bar with @TheBrick || And a refreshing drink recipe! Strawberry Lemon Spritz #partner

I’m so excited to share our bar sit up with The Brick. We scored these bar modern stools a few months ago. I love the padded leather and adjustable height, perfect for my guests to pull up a seat and make a great summer drink!

summer drink recipe strawberry lemon gin spritz summer drink recipe strawberry lemon gin spritz IMG_3763summer drink recipe strawberry lemon gin spritz

The Strawberry Lemon Spritz

What you’ll need: 

1 oz. Gin  (We choose Hansen Distillery Trouble Gin)

1/2 oz. Simple Syrup

4 oz. Sparkling Water

Fresh Mint

Squeeze of fresh lemon

Lemon Slice


summer drink recipe strawberry lemon gin spritz

Muddle mint, lemon juice, and half a strawberry. Add all ingredients. Garish, lemon slice, mint leaf and half strawberry. Serve on ice.

Such a refreshing drink for those hot summer days.

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Lifestyle || #Travel with Kids || How to maintain your vacation mode zen…

I know the assumption when you have kids, you just don’t travel until they are older. Wrong! Luckily we travel plenty with our little ones. BUT I will say traveling with kids isn’t easy, luckily we’ve learned a few tips and tricks over the last almost 4 years that’s made it so much easier. I truly think you can maintain that vacation mode zen and take your little guys along for the ride… it’s all in the little details.


Tip #1: Pack Extra! I know it sounds simple, but you can never have enough diapers, spare outfits, snacks and back up power sources. In all of the above cases it’s better to have too many than not enough. Depending on the length of flight and if your trip involves layovers; I usually pack 1 spare outfit, 3 diapers and 3 snacks for every 2 hours of flight time.

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Tip #2: Little People Need Breaks, Pack A Mobile Nap. Weather you are traveling with an infant or a toddler… kids need to get off their feet and/or nap. There is nothing like an overly tired little person in an airport or on a flight. To avoid meltdown mode we travel with a stroller, plane bed box and baby carrier.

Tip #3: Accept Help! Take Advantage of BABY VIP. Most airports let you use the faster security line when traveling with kids… use it! It’ll save you on average 30 minutes in a long line up. Use pre-boarding when applicable. This will allow for ample time to fold up that stroller, get snacks/ movies ready and set up that seat converting bed on the plane.

Tip #4: Find the Fun! Most airports have mini playgrounds some where in their terminals. Ask the help desk, if they don’t they usual have free colouring books and little free extras for the kids to have fun or blow off some energy before the flight. There’s no harm asking, they are there to help. B39E57E9-4A0A-4B9C-803F-03F8D69E4D82 Continue reading

LifeStyle || The Importance of Unstructured Play || My #PlayMore message

As you know I’m lucky to call myself a Fisher-Price® Play Ambassador this year. I’m so excited to help spread the word on the importance of unstructured play for our little guys. Through studies and research, Fisher-Price® found that nearly all Canadian parents surveyed (90 per cent) agree overscheduling children’s activities can be overwhelming to them as well as to their children (86 per cent). Along those lines, the majority of parents (80 per cent) believe childhood today is more complicated than it should be. By giving children toys that have been designed to encourage physical, social, emotional, language, cognitive skills and imagination, a lot of what parents seek is right there in their children’s toy box. Let’s join Fisher-Price® to encourage families to take the time to Play More!


Harper has been loving the Fisher-Price® Woodland Friends SpaceSaver Jumperoo™. She likes to jump to the music, sounds and lights and I like that it folds up compactly for easy storage when not in use.

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Home || Harper’s Nursery Reveal || A modern gender neutral space….

I like to think it’s called “Second Baby Syndrome,” but it’s taken me 7 months after Harper’s arrival to complete her nursery space. Let’s face it she has been in a bassinet in our room until last month so of course I was in no rush. I just laugh at myself now, looking back when I was in a rush to complete my first baby’s nursery before they were even born! Wow times have changed or maybe lessons are learned. Either way I’m so excited to share her baby space.

We designed her room around the stunning Soft Modern Sideboard from The Brick. I decided this time around to invest in pieces I can see transitioning out into my home once Harper outgrows her nursery space. This sideboard is the perfect mix of open and closed storage for all her baby needs. And in the future it will be an amazing additional to my dining room when the time comes. It’s so versatile, you can change the look of it by switching the colour changing geometric shelves in seconds.

modern gender neutral nursery cactus wall paper safari swan rose gold copper crib Let's Stay Home wall print

Jonathan Adler for Fisher Price deluxe bouncer

IMG_3620modern gender neutral nursery cactus wall paper safari swan rose gold copper crib Let's Stay Home wall print

I had to have this glamorous Incy Interiors rose gold crib from West Coast Kids. It pairs perfectly with the pops of metallics on the metal star burst accents I found in store at The Brick (pictured below). You never know what you’ll see in store, each Brick location is different and updates their accessories often. You should take a peek!

modern gender neutral nursery cactus wall paper safari swan rose gold copper crib Let's Stay Home wall print modern gender neutral nursery cactus wall paper safari swan rose gold copper crib Let's Stay Home wall print

Below I’ve sourced a few of the pieces we used to complete her nursery. If you don’t see it linked feel free to leave a comment and I’ll get back to you!

modern gender neutral nursery cactus wall paper safari swan rose gold copper crib Let's Stay Home wall print

Cactus self adhesive removable wall paper

modern gender neutral nursery cactus wall paper safari swan rose gold copper crib Let's Stay Home wall print

Machine Washable Rug 

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Lifestyle || A last minute gift guide for that Daddy in your life…

With Father’s Day just around the corner, I’ve got some last minute gift ideas for that special Daddy in your life. Whether he’s fancy or athletic here are a few ideas to spoil him this year…


Scotch! Any Glen Morangie is a great choice, they all have amazing flavour and hit in a mid range price so they won’t break the bank to get that high end taste.

Stainless Steel Scotch Rocks: I know you’ve probably seen the rocks on tons of gift guides this year. That’s because they are amazing if you are a Scotch drinker. They chill your drink without melting and diluting it. They are great for white wine too! ;) BUT I suggested the stainless steel versions, there are actual “rocks” on the market and they are porous soap stone. Over time they absorb their enviromonet, like the soap from your dish washer… gross!

A High Tech Watch: For an athletic type it can be amazing to track your progress throughout the day.

The Softest Tee: This tee shirt is sooooooo soft! When I say softest, I mean it! I love their women’s and baby lines too. Shedo Lane makes UV sun protective clothing that is both fashion forward and comfy.

Bowtie: For that fancy guy in your life, a black bowtie is a must! And this one costing under $100 but looking like $400 is worth every penny.

Sophisticated Watch: If that Daddy in your life dresses up for work or in life… this watch is amazing. Slick, modern, minimalist: this watch will go with anything from a suit to a cardi.  Continue reading