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Local Love || Join me as I host an amazing cooking demo with @duchessbakeshop at @manulifeplace #yeg #duchessbakeshop

CAA1874E-2373-4328-BB0C-D1F6B2898F7FI’m so excited to host this Edmonton event! Join myself and The Duschess Bakeshop for a cooking demo! And yes there will be samples. If you are looking for an amazing gift, the new Duchess Bakeshop cook book will be available for purchase and signing by Giselle.

Join us Friday, December 8th from 12:00pm – 1:00pm.  Manulife Place will be hosting their second annual Cooking with Style Demo featuring The Duchess Bakeshop’s Giselle Courteau.

Hope to see you there!

The Mealtime Toddler Struggle || Want to know my nutritious secret?


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Enfagrow A+® for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

 Fall mom style fashion edmonton bamboo ballroom how to wear a blanket scarf red chloe drew bag   Getting a toddler tornado to eat is not an easy task in our household. I swear it feels like Alastair is on a food strike most of the time, leaving me feeling worried about balanced meals and the nutrients he’s getting throughout the day. At least for me, he’s always on the move and doesn’t seem to have time for structured meal time. We struggle as a family to all sit and eat a meal for even 15 minutes because he just wants to play. The mom meal time struggle is so real for us. Because he just seems to happily snack throughout the day, I sometimes worry he’s missing out on balance nutritious meals.Fall mom style fashion edmonton bamboo ballroom how to wear a blanket scarf red chloe drew bag As a mommy of two, I know how important it is to give your child the best head start possible, and that includes nutrition. We have had success with Enfagrow A+ nutritional toddler nutria beverage as a great nutritious snack to get some extra nutrients into your toddler, including the ever so important DHA. If you visit, you can Sign up for FREE Samples. And the website is a great resource, with the informative Your Toddler Magazine and new video series designed to provide you with advice and pertinent information about life with your toddler. My favourite episode included some great tricks to help ensure your child is receiving important vitamins and minerals and how these nutrients (DHA is not a vitamin) contribute to your toddler’s growth like DHA and iron. They had menu ideas too!

Fall mom style fashion edmonton bamboo ballroom how to wear a blanket scarf red chloe drew bag

As I mentioned previously this year, Enfagrow A+ has partnered with United Way. The initiative is simply, when you use the hashtag #EnfagrowMomsKnow on Instagram and Twitter to share your toddler stories, pictures, or advice with other moms and they will donate $1 per submission up to $5000 to United Way until November 30, 2017! It’s such an easy way to connect with real parents online and give back to a cause that matters.

Why not see if your toddler likes it? I love this easy, fast and nutritious snack.

Sign up for FREE Samples || Your Toddler Magazine || Sign up for FREE Samples

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Home for the Holidays || Style Tips with @TheBrick & a $36,000 giveaway! #ad

The holidays are official here! I’m so pleased to share with you some exciting festive news with my favourite home decor store, The Brick.  It’s been so hard to keep this project quiet on my end because The My Brick Home for the Holidays catalog looks incredible, with so many style tips and a massive giveaway to go with it. A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of styling a living room space with The Brick for this holiday season. To see all my style tips, seasonal DIY  and the other rooms head on over to explore the digital copy. If you’re anything like me, printed paper copy lover, go in-store to get your hands on a printed copy. Nothing like a free style catalog to flip through with a hot chocolate to get some holiday style inspiration.A8E23C9E-67EB-43BE-9385-B29EABCC19E835AA7718-2DF1-406C-8378-4BFC92D612D97928A011-E8FC-49DC-B4E8-B33CDB16DD75

Lastly, and maybe the most exciting news… The #MyBrickHome contest with a grand prize home shopping spree (up to $36,000), & monthly prizes has officially launched! Follow these 3 simple steps to enter:

1. Style your Brick product

2. Snap a great pic

3. Post with #MyBrickHome to Instagram and tag the @brickwarehouse.

No purchase necessary. Contest ends December 31, 2018. Please head to for all the contest rules.CC6C0B32-A639-4712-A173-13CEFC74691A

I can’t wait to see all your holiday styled spaces! Happy decorating and may your holiday be festive and bright! Good luck! Continue reading


Home Decor || Have You Seen Our New Dining Place? || Featuring The Bari Set by @TheBrick #AD

With one of the most anticipated sales of the year starting tomorrow, I wanted to share with you our finished dining space. Maybe give you a few items you may want to check up on in the massive Black Friday sale this weekend at The Brick.  I don’t know exactly what items will be discounted but their sale is legendary… It’s definitely one to check if you are looking to pick up furniture at a fraction of the price.

I fell in love with this Bari dining set and worked the design of the space around it’s modern aesthetic. The leather on the chairs is wipeable, which is perfect for our family needs. And this Jade server has almost the exact wood colour and finish. I love the table with this functional and trendy server but if we did not have that window to the right I would have loved this matching Bari bookcase.

D32BBD3D-9F4A-4BC1-924A-9D0D0FF12D6AC47BB54E-DA44-4C4A-A4D7-CE0D550D2361Rug || Dining Set || Server || Storage Cabinet 57ADB569-4395-49D9-B27D-4A3C977AE8B8

With the holidays fast approaching I accessorized our set with neutral items like tropical leaf place settings, gold cutlery and these honeycomb candle holders I found in store from The Brick. I love these geometric wall scones too, also found instore from The Brick. They really complete the room.  Continue reading

Home Decor || How to Style Sidetables 2 Ways || With @TheBrick #AD

Ever since our master bedroom reveal with this amazing The Berlin bed, so many of you have asked how we style our side tables. Honestly, I love to style side tables for bedrooms and end tables for living rooms simply because there are so many options. It’s the kind of design element you can change often, work in seasonal pieces and really have fun. See our International Lux Accent Table from The Brick styled two ways below.

The first way I like to style an side table is what I called the “Symmetric” Approach. Find a larger functional item like a lamp or a fan. Like this Tyler Lamp from The Brick in the centre of the side table. Depending how much much surface area you have add style items centrally to the table. I like stacks of books, candles, and cute smaller alarm clocks.

IMG_0119_Facetune_06.11.2017-13:23:24 IMG_0120_Facetune_06.11.2017-13:21:24 IMG_0121_Facetune_06.11.2017-13:20:20 IMG_0125_Facetune_06.11.2017-13:16:26

The next style approach is basically the opposite, it’s an Asymmetric Approach to placing your items. Simply pick one side of the table for your larger dominant item like this lamp and stack styled accents from there. I love this large glass jar I found in store at The Brick. I use them throughout the house to add a pop of shiny colour.

IMG_0111_Facetune_06.11.2017-13:28:09IMG_0109_Facetune_06.11.2017-13:30:12IMG_0105_Facetune_06.11.2017-13:31:36 Continue reading