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Teddy Coat || A cozy look

NS-254 NS-255 NS-257 NS-258 NS-259 NS-260 NS-261Photos by B.Grace Creatives  || Location Highlands in Edmonton Alberta NS-262 NS-263

I know you’re probably sick of seeing the snow on my style posts but it’s my reality. Spring comes late to most Canadians, so I’m embracing the chilly and still styling my fav winter pieces. The one thing I will say is a positive, everything winter is on final clearance. I snagged this Teddy coat from H&M for $30! Now that’s a deal. I never like to spend too much on a trendy piece like this. Are you embracing spring? Or are you still frozen in fashion?


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Spring Home Tour || Take a look into our home…

It’s my favourite time of the year! Winter is slowly melting but there’s no harm getting a jump on spring decor in our house to lighten the mood. Bring on Spring! Throughout the year, I’m joined by a fantastic group of Canadian bloggers as we share glimpses into our homes each season. At the end of this post, I’ve linked up all the spring inspiring home tours for you to view. Let my spring home tour begin!

wording tile mental style decor cement athena tile geo accent side table renwel wording tile mental style decor cement athena tile geo accent side table renwel

This year, to add spring to our living room we played off the amazing gold handles on our fav toy storage cabinet The Adept from The Brick. I love the combo of gold accents, whites and pinks. It’s a subtle fresh look you can add easily to any room.

wording tile mental style decor cement athena tile geo accent side table renwel

Accent Tables, Mirror and Lantern: All Instore finds from The Brick

IMG_8239wording tile mental style decor cement athena tile geo accent side table renwel IMG_8228

Sparkle Pearl Shag Rug: The Brick 

IMG_8244IMG_8255IMG_8254IMG_8256mid century modern dining room set Horse wall art photo framed geometric scones

Continuing with the blush pink, white and gold color palette. We add a few subtle touches to our Bari set from The Brick. I love the side century feel to this stunning dining set. It’s easy to add seasonal accents to change up the look when you have a dining set this classic.

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Top 6 INVISIBLE Dry Shampoos || because who wants white residue? #beauty

C426483D-D864-49A2-804A-946B3A35DFA5This beauty post is a long time coming. I love dry shampoo, not only because I’m a busy mom but it is a time saver for everyone. But I have a confession to make… I quit Dry Shampoo a year ago! Why? Because I was sick and tired of the white residue. There were a few on the market that were designed for darker haired individuals like myself. Then the residue to be brown but it was still residue! It looked gross in my hair and left it feeling grimy/dry/ brittle to the touch. And if I used the basic white residue dry shampoo, I looked like I was 90 years old! So dry shampoo and I parted ways…

Fast forward a year…

Luckily, brands have heard our complaints and stepped up with invisible residue free formulas we’ve been asking for! Finally I’m back on the dry shampoo train. Here are my top 6 completely invisible beauty game changers:

Julep || Oscar Blandi || IGK

Co Lab || bumble and bumble || Marc Anthony


Kid’s Picks || #Netflix #Streamteam #partner

This month for the Netflix stream team I’m excited to talk about my little guy’s NEW favourite show. He loves the songs, humor and the intricate stories. If you didn‘t catch the very popular movie that inspired this Netflix original series, start with watching that. Then the whole family can enjoy the addition of this new series to your Netflix Favorites List  38A04787-20E4-4109-ADC6-B2C6E45CEEF8

Trolls: The Beat Goes On! Premiered on January 19 2018 and picks up right where the hit movie left off, following the adventures of Poppy, Branch and all their Troll friends.

Check it out!


Love Kira from the #streamteam


disclaimer: this post was NOT paid by Netflix but a subscription was provided for trial purposes.

Green Gift Guide // @DetoxMarketTO #partner

EFAF3F94-6CBE-4C1F-9360-D4D526EB3CC7It shouldn‘t be a surprise that we wanted to share some Green Gift Guide ideas on Northern Style Exposure this year. With Alastair’s skin struggle, winter eczema and reactive skin we’ve been ultra mindful of what we put on our skin. We were lucky enough to find the Detox Market years ago for all our luxury natural beauty needs. Thry have something for everyone on your list, big or small! Check out this value box with all of this year’s best selling products…

What’s In the Box?
Green Ceremony Cleanser | full size 5 oz | $67 value
Hydrating Accelerator | travel size 2 oz | $30 value
Rose Soothing and Protective Moisturizer | full size 2.4 oz | $150 value
Collagen Inner Beauty Boost | travel size 3.38 oz | $20 value
Vintage Cake Liner | full size | $24 value
Natural Vegan Mascara | full size | $27 value
Sensitive Skin Deodorant Cream | full size | $22 value
Shampoo + Conditioner | travel size set | $22 value
Natural Toothpaste | full size | $15 value


 VALUE: Over $377 COST: Only $189!! Yahoo! 

84F2E183-DA41-4278-A173-DCE16E47972F0C4CD0A2-CFB8-4164-95D4-A4A210C948E4Another thought green gift are plants! I love to get real living plants for our house. They clean the air and look amazing too.