Beauty || Top 6 || Get Your Glow On: Mask Edition

One of the most constant beauty routines I’ve ever kept up has been bi-weekly masking. Maybe it’s the relaxing ritual or the visual results, either way masks are the skincare products I’ve used most for almost two decades. With that being said, you can guess that I’ve become quite the connoisseur over the years. And yes not all masks are created equal, here are my top 6 “Get Your Glow On,” masking wonders that have passed my test:

Odacite Deep Hydration $60 Green Beauty Option

Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask $12 Steal of a Deal 

top 6 sephora luxury mask beauty blogger Tata harper tatcha odacite carbonating mask origins charcoal

Tata Harper Resurfacing $58 Pore Reducer

Vichy Masque Peel $34 Exfoliation  

Origins Improvement Active Charcoal $26 Deep Clean Detox

Tatcha Luminous Sheet $25 Hydration & Lift 

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