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Beauty || 100% Natural 100% Safe || Summer Sun Skincare Essentials with @RockyMtnSoap #partner

We love to get outdoors daily but sun safety is always on the back of my mind with my  family. I’ve struggled in past years to find natural options in the sunscreen department. As you can imagine I am so pumped to find Rocky Mountain Soap Company’s Summer Essential line. They carefully created a product line that delivers sun protection for one of your most important organs: your skin! 100% Natural. 100% Safe. Simple as that. They carry everything from a natural SPF 31 Sunscreen and SPF 15 Lip Butter, to Outdoor Spray and even an After Sun Body Butter.

Family picnic photo ideas aden anasis dream blanket west coast kids Family picnic photo ideas aden anasis dream blanket west coast kids Family picnic photo ideas aden anasis dream blanket west coast kids Family picnic photo ideas aden anasis dream blanket west coast kids Blanket: Aden & Anais || Alastair’s Tee: Darling & Bandit  || Harper’s Little Moccasins: MinimocFamily picnic photo ideas aden anasis dream blanket west coast kids Family picnic photo ideas aden anasis dream blanket west coast kids

I’m obsessed with this sunscreen, not only is it naturally protecting our skin without chemicals. It also smells like vanilla coconut heaven! It’s easily my fav product from the line. It’s a must buy summer essential for everyone because protecting your skin is so important.  Continue reading

Lifestyle || Restaurant Quality Barbecuing || How To: Himalayan Salt Stone Edition with @TheBrick #partner

Summer is officially in full swing and you know what that means… it’s BBQ season! Next time you’re hosting guests definitely think about investing in a quality Barbecue. Look for key features like: temperature gauge, large surface grilling area and quick easy flame starters. We love to entertain outdoors so when I saw the Park Terrace 7 piece dining set I had to have it. The large table is perfect for hosting our Sunday family dinner and the glass top is easily cleaned in seconds.

small space patio ideas The brick solar lighting canadian tire blogger topiary black whiteIMG_8125IMG_3553

IMG_8123 IMG_8121 IMG_8120

We took our grill game this year to the next level with a Himalayan salt stone. We can use it directly on the surface of the barbecue we found at The Brick. I know I was a bit intimated by these stones when I’ve seen them in cooking magazines and culinary chef shows. But now that we’ve started using them I know how easy and how amazing they season whatever you’re cooking. Here are my easy tips for achieving restaurant quality meals at home with your grill:

1) SLOWLY heat stone! This is key for the longevity of your salt stone. I put mine directly onto my grill, set heat to the lowest setting. I let it slowly heat for 15 minutes at a minimal. Then you can up the heat and start grilling! If you start on high heat you may crack your stone. At home hack: don’t have a grill? I use this stone in my GE range oven too. 

2) The longer the food stays, the more seasoned it will become. We usual do our steaks 2 minutes per side on the salt stone, then transfer to the grill fast minute to get those crispy black grill marks.

3) It’s not just for meat! We anything from steaks, to mushrooms to lettuce hearts for salads. Seafood too!

4) Clean up is easy and fast. Don’t use soap but instead lightly rinse with water, scrap any big bits off and pat dry. Easy as that!

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Beauty || #TargetPerfeXi with Cosmetic Drones|| @LiseWatier #partner

I’ve been focusing on the simple things when it comes to my beauty routine in the last few months: moisturizers, eye cream and a serum. With the very little time I have for my skin with two babies around I needed a product that targeted my skincare needs. A simple, effective and fast routine so I can get back to being Super Mom in minutes is the kind of beauty perfection I need. So with the few minutes I get alone in the bathroom morning and night I’ve been trying the new Lise Watier Cosmètiques PerfeXion line. Their little secret? Cosmetic drones. Introducing the 1st anti-aging skin correctors featuring cosmetic drones that target and deliver the most innovative active ingredients, exactly where your skin needs them most.

FacetuneFacetuneIMG_8130IMG_8129Round mirror bathroom geometic pendent light fixture gold fish scale tile IMG_8134IMG_8130

Follow along with this skincare innovation with #TargetPerfeXi and show me how you’re targeting perfect.

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Home || My Sit Up Bar with @TheBrick || And a refreshing drink recipe! Strawberry Lemon Spritz #partner

I’m so excited to share our bar sit up with The Brick. We scored these bar modern stools a few months ago. I love the padded leather and adjustable height, perfect for my guests to pull up a seat and make a great summer drink!

summer drink recipe strawberry lemon gin spritz summer drink recipe strawberry lemon gin spritz IMG_3763summer drink recipe strawberry lemon gin spritz

The Strawberry Lemon Spritz

What you’ll need: 

1 oz. Gin  (We choose Hansen Distillery Trouble Gin)

1/2 oz. Simple Syrup

4 oz. Sparkling Water

Fresh Mint

Squeeze of fresh lemon

Lemon Slice


summer drink recipe strawberry lemon gin spritz

Muddle mint, lemon juice, and half a strawberry. Add all ingredients. Garish, lemon slice, mint leaf and half strawberry. Serve on ice.

Such a refreshing drink for those hot summer days.

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