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Beauty || Medi Spa Edition || Let’s Talk About The B Word

Since hitting the scene in 2000, Botox has become one of the most popular injectable treatments. I like many have been sceptical, but now that it has been out for over 15 years I thought it was about time I got on board. I know it is a taboo subject but like many parts of my life I wanted to have some transparency on the subject. I had my first treatment in Edmonton at the Hemingway Medical spa this last month. When I shared on my IG stories about my experience I was floated with questions and medi spa confessions, so I thought I would try to answer some of the reoccurring questions.

botox edmonton best place doctor review

What is it? Simply put, Botulinum toxin in this scenario is used as a muscle relaxer. Smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles between the eyebrows, forehead or eye area. It can even be used to treat excessive sweating under the arms or to treat severe reoccurring migraines. Botulinum toxin is a neurotoxin produced in nature by a bacteria called Clostridium botulinum. It works on the nerves in the body to inhibit the release of a neurotransmitter (brain chemical) called Acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is responsible for muscle contraction; therefore, if it is blocked, there can be no muscle contraction. Since repeated muscle contraction is what leads to the formation of wrinkles, no more contraction means no more wrinkles.

Why Botox now? In all honesty, I wanted to get on the botox train earlier. So I could be more preventive to counteract deep set wrinkles between my eyebrows. But I could not get the injectable treatment until now because for the last 5 years I’ve been either breastfeeding or pregnant. And yes, you cannot get botox if you are either of those things. I think many people believe Botox is for “older” people but in reality younger people are getting it for preventive measures.

botox edmonton best place doctor review

Why Hemingway Medical spa? I struggled to find a place that had hands on doctors and nurses. They do a through consult, never push anything that you don’t need. Some of my friends have gone to this media spa and have been advised they don’t need botox. They are not there to just inject and take your money. They will let you know what treatments may be a good fit for your skin and your skin’s needs. They are market priced per unit and you see the actually medical units used. Not local? Do your research and find a trusted physician!

Did it hurt? And Did I like the results? I barely felt a thing, the needles they use are tiny. I experienced zero bruising. And my forehead was only sore for half a day. It takes a few days to start working but I was so pleased by the results. Between my eye brows was a very defined line but it is gone. I went to my follow up appointment and didn’t need any touch up work. They achieved the correct dose in my initial appointment. Continue reading

halloween fall movie tv show list top 10 Netflix picks

What Are You Watching? || The Fall Netflix Binge List With @TheBrick #ad

It’s feeling a little bit creepy around here as we transform our Man Cave by The Brick into the perfect Halloween themed viewing space. I love everything October, so of course scary movies and tv shows are no exception. See room details, family friendly halloween picks and scary adult Netflix binge suggestions for this seasonal blog post favourite: The Fall List is finally here.

Family Friendly Fall Favourites:

1) Super Monsters: (Series) New Netflix Original Series

2) Hotel Transylvania 1 & 2

3) DreamWorks Spooky Stories 2

4) Wallace & Gromit “The Curse of the Were-Rabbit”

5) Coraline 

6) Casper: Teen Classic

7) Are You Afraid of the Dark: (Series) Throw Back to 1991

halloween fall movie tv show list top 10 Netflix picks Non Seasonal Accessories: The Brick (Instore Finds) || Circle Book Case: The Brick halloween fall movie tv show list top 10 Netflix picks -4213-4379-AACD-410A2C4B9DA1Fire Place: The Brick || Coffee Table: The Brick || Tray and Skull Accent: The Brick (Instore Finds) || TV: The Brick halloween man cave tv movie list 2017 top 10 watch binge netflix

Scary Adult Netflix Stream Team Picks: 

1) Stranger Things: (Series) Netflix Original series and season 2 will be coming out soon!

2) Santa Clarita Diet: (Series) Funny Zombie Twist

3) The Walking Dead: (Series) Tales of survival and there are so many seasons!

4) Black Mirror: (Series) This show is insanely creepy and addicting. Every episode is a completely different concept. So start wherever you please!

5) The Sixth Sense:  Classic

6) The Others: Must see for the creepy goosebump factor.

7) The Grudge: Japanese Horror genre at it’s best.

8) Scream Queens: (Series) Funny and Scary! Yes please. Captures elements of all epic horror movies mashed into one show mocking the genre.

halloween man cave tv movie list 2017 top 10 watch binge netflix -7E97-45C6-BB3B-1D4C38CBF16BAccent Table:The Brick || Greenery: The Brick (In Store Purchase)

Continue reading

Laser Spa Treatments || A Q&A on my recent experience. #AD

I’ll be the first one to admit, taking care of myself has fallen a bit to the wayside in the past 4 years. Since having kids I’ve struggled to find time for myself. This season  I made a goal to start the transition into a healthy balance of self care. It is so important, in hopes it’ll help me be an even better mommy. If I’m healthy, mentally rested and cared for… I will be able to give more of myself to these precious little guys. My best self is what my goal is all about.

Bedroom tassel pompom quilt blanket anthropologie environment beam bed frame decor style home

This week I got a sitter for two hours and headed off to Lipstick Empire for some me time. I shared my experience on my IG stories, I was overwhelmed by the response. So many of you feel the same way; it’s hard to get away for to the spa, a hair appointment, even a coffee alone! So thankful for the positive support of this me time movement. I know it was only two hours away but I needed it. So many of you had questions about the treatments, so I thought I’d try to answer them all in one place, welcome to my Laser Spa Q&A:

05CEDE35-F9F1-41D9-8690-FB227021212CWhy Lipstick Empire?

Lipstick Empire LaserSpa is a full service med-spa that offers everything from facials, makeup applications to advanced laser treatments as well as Botox and Filler treatments.

All of their Medical Aestheticians and Laser Technicians are highly trained in the field of Medical Cosmetics with experience ranging between 5-10 plus years in the industry.

The devices and the technology used at Lipstick Empire have been handpicked to deliver unparalleled results with little to no downtime required.
Not all machines are created equally so please ensure that you do your research: not only on the machines being used in your service but your technicians skill level to ensure your safety and to ensure you receive the most effective/efficient treatment possible. I have had very bad Groupon experiences years ago, one was a laser hair removal nightmare, burns from a laser facial and a lash extension horror story. I really wanted to speak to this point, it is important to have treatments done by people who actually know what they are doing! Learn from my painful mistakes and find a reputable spa using machines that work and techs that know what they are doing. These machines can have amazing results but they are powerful, so in the wrong hands you can do damage to your skin. If you aren’t local, read through reviews from multiply source sites. Call and ask questions. Go in for a consult to check the place out yourself.

What did I have done?

I had GentleMax Pro Laser Hair Removal with a laser by Syneroncandela Canada.
The GentleMax Pro delivers fast and efficient results for laser hair removal. It has a dual wavelength which is great for ALL skin types. It does not work on blonde or grey hair but they have a treatment called Dermablading that takes care of that.

How many treatments do I need and does it hurt?

Typically most people need 6-8 treatments per area to removal the hair. Treatments are done at 4-6 week intervals to target the hair when it is in the growing stage. It did hurt in some spots more compared to others. But it is over in seconds. I wasn’t red or swollen by the evening. I would say waxing hurts just as much for me, but this will solve my problem while regular waxing appointments will not.

How much is it?  Continue reading

Fall Dining with @TheBrick #AD || How to create the perfect fall tablescape

So excited to share with you one of my favourite dining sets from The Brick styled for fall! I love the Colby table’s natural wood grain detail and modern design. To create a fall tablescape can be a daunting task, there are so many colour palettes and place setting options. I found that adding florals is an easy way to add instant elegance to any table. I went with dark glass and flatware to transition from light summer colours to darker autumn hues. I love the pumpkin name plates, they are the perfect and easiest fall touch. Add wreaths throughout to room to carry on the fall theme, and you are set!


Dining Set: The Brick || Mirror: The Brick || Cabinet: The Brick


Gather Mirror Decal: Justine Ma || Florals: Cory Christopher


See how I style this space for winter in a few weeks! Until then…

Happy Dining! Continue reading

Beauty || 3 fast & effective beauty secrets || Drug Store Edition #GotItFree

With fall in full swing I love to find fast beauty helpers to speed up my morning routine. I need to get out of the house fast to get Alastair off to school on time. I’m all about 3-5 minute looks, so I thought I’d share with you are few helpers I’ve been loving this season:

dry shampoo best of 2017 beauty products

HERBAL ESSENCES BIO RENEW GRAPEFRUIT AND WHITE MOSA MINT DRY SHAMPOO: This dry shampoo is amazing! I love the smell: grapefruit and mint. It revives dull, lifeless hair in seconds with ZERO residue. I’ve struggled with my dark hair colour to find a dry shampoo that didn’t leave white steaks throughout. This one is defiantly one to pick up for brunettes.

dry shampoo best of 2017 beauty products

OLAY AGE DEFYING ADVANCED HYDRATING GEL MOISTURIZER: This lightweight and oil-free formula absorbs quickly leaving skin intensely hydrated without clogging pores. I’m in love! 

SECRET FRESH INVISIBLE SPRAY – OOH LA LA LAVENDER: This invisible spray Deodorant will last the day and smells great. 

dry shampoo best of 2017 beauty products Continue reading