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New Rug #AD || Simple Kitchen Styling with @TheBrick

banana leaf wall paper moroccan rug

We all know I love a new rug, so the addition of Ahmar area rug from The Brick has been no exception. This affordable graphic print with Moroccan tassel trim is a striking accent for any space. This hallway with counter top bar seating, has the most walking traffic of any area in our home. Most rugs I’ve purchased in the past haven’t lasted due to the wear they endured on a daily basis. The Ahmar rug is machine woven with a jute and latex backing for long-lasting durability that won’t scratch your floors. It’s made of heat-set polypropylene which is a very durable fibre with the added bonus of anti-static qualities. Hair and fur won’t stick to it, making this material easy to maintain and clean. With both children and a large dog that was quite the selling feature for our family. Coming in under the $225 mark for both sizes, it is also a very affordable rug option. If you rug hunt like I do, you know rugs can be a massive home decor expensive but this one will not beat the bank. 

banana leaf wall paper moroccan rug NS-389Mirror / Gold Lantern: In store find from The Brick NS-390NS-375Marble Cheese Board: In store find from The Brick

Photos by B.Grace Creatives 

NS-378NS-373NS-372Disclaimer: This post was paid by The Brick but my thoughts and opinions remain my own. 

Weekend Warrior || An easy knit to stay cozy || #Look

We made it! We survived yet another winter week. I am so looking forward to spring but in the mean I’m loving these warmer days with this beautiful snow! I can transition from coats to cardigans, it’s easily one of my favourite wardrobe pieces. This coatigan from WoolOvers is 100% lambswool boasting all-natural, fully machine washable fibres. It’s a perfect transition wardrobe piece for the fall or late winter/ early spring.

Photos: B.Grace Creatives 

NS-206 NS-207 NS-208  Cardigan: WoolOvers c/o || Jeans: Gap || Shoes: Skye Footwear || Bag: Burberry NS-210 If you haven’t thought of lamb’s wool here’s an easy break down from WoolOvers on the subject: Pure lambswool is smooth, strong, and naturally soft-to-the-touch. The myth is the itch of wool. Boasting the same warming and reliable qualities as 100% pure wool, but without the tough-guy edge, pure lambswool is a great choice when it comes to soft winter essentials for staying cozy and comfortable. NS-213 Continue reading

Home Decor with @TheBrick #AD || Stylish Storage Solutions || Entry Way Edition

NS-366The entryway battle is real… our family rushes into the door and half of what they are wearing plops down into our small front door space. Nothing drives me more crazy, the coat and boot clutter that erupts several times a day. You don’t have to have kids to experience this recurring phenomenon daily. Entryways can be a difficult space to balance style and function. I’ve been looking over a year to find some modern minimalist furniture pieces that were could solve our storage problems. I love the North Avenue collection from The Brick. They have tons of pieces that will fit any space: from deskscoats racks to shelving units this line has so many modern storage solutions.NS-342NS-347

We added the North Avenue coat rack for the obvious reason, we have a lot of jackets! I like to use the closet to hang most of our outerwear but we keep current favs out on the rack for easy access. Plus, it has three shelves adding even more storage for keys, bags, and gloves.NS-357NS-340NS-354

Next, we opted for both the short and tall North Avenue bookcases. I love that I can add stylish accessories, like this honey comb candle holder I found instore at The Brick to the upper shelves. Then store shoes on the lower racks, so the kids have them at their level.

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Teddy Coat || A cozy look

NS-254 NS-255 NS-257 NS-258 NS-259 NS-260 NS-261Photos by B.Grace Creatives  || Location Highlands in Edmonton Alberta NS-262 NS-263

I know you’re probably sick of seeing the snow on my style posts but it’s my reality. Spring comes late to most Canadians, so I’m embracing the chilly and still styling my fav winter pieces. The one thing I will say is a positive, everything winter is on final clearance. I snagged this Teddy coat from H&M for $30! Now that’s a deal. I never like to spend too much on a trendy piece like this. Are you embracing spring? Or are you still frozen in fashion?


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Spring Home Tour || Take a look into our home…

It’s my favourite time of the year! Winter is slowly melting but there’s no harm getting a jump on spring decor in our house to lighten the mood. Bring on Spring! Throughout the year, I’m joined by a fantastic group of Canadian bloggers as we share glimpses into our homes each season. At the end of this post, I’ve linked up all the spring inspiring home tours for you to view. Let my spring home tour begin!

wording tile mental style decor cement athena tile geo accent side table renwel wording tile mental style decor cement athena tile geo accent side table renwel

This year, to add spring to our living room we played off the amazing gold handles on our fav toy storage cabinet The Adept from The Brick. I love the combo of gold accents, whites and pinks. It’s a subtle fresh look you can add easily to any room.

wording tile mental style decor cement athena tile geo accent side table renwel

Accent Tables, Mirror and Lantern: All Instore finds from The Brick

IMG_8239wording tile mental style decor cement athena tile geo accent side table renwel IMG_8228

Sparkle Pearl Shag Rug: The Brick 

IMG_8244IMG_8255IMG_8254IMG_8256mid century modern dining room set Horse wall art photo framed geometric scones

Continuing with the blush pink, white and gold color palette. We add a few subtle touches to our Bari set from The Brick. I love the side century feel to this stunning dining set. It’s easy to add seasonal accents to change up the look when you have a dining set this classic.

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