Beauty || Mun Product Review

Mun Skin organic beauty product t line Mun Skin organic beauty product t line Mun Skin organic beauty product t line Found another natural skincare option I am LOVING! MUN products are pure, natural, and completely free of synthetic chemicals. The ingredients are derived from native plants that are carefully selected by a women-owned beauty company! Love to support a women power product whenever possible. Below are my two favourite products.  Continue reading

Beauty || Vitamin C with Murad



I can’t be the only one, constantly reading about the health benefits to Vitamin C and it’s positive effects in the skincare industry? It took me a while to find a product line from a company I knew and loved but here it is! Welcome Murad’s environmental shield line, packed with essential C Vitamins. The Essential-C Daily Renewal Complex delivers a maximum dose of Vitamin C to protect and repair skin. The anti-aging effects of Vitamin C are amplified by our patented Skin Repair System to improve skin elasticity, stimulate collagen synthesis, improve skin clarity and provide powerful antioxidant protection. A must-have for reformed sun worshippers, as Murad would say… for me I think it’s ket because for a long period of time I did not wear sunscreen because I could not find a non chemical based formula I trusted. Murad

Murad Continue reading